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Heat Therapy for Back Pain

Did you know that heat therapy is much more effective for relieving back pain than ice?

Heat Therapy For Back Pain


Ice should only be used to treat tender, hot, or inflamed muscles.1 This sort of trauma has causes ranging from straining to lifting a heavy object to whiplash from a car accident.1 Ice these injuries right away.4 After the inflammation is gone (1-2 days) you can switch to using heat.


For most muscle aches and pains, heat therapy releases tension and feels comforting.2 The rise in temperature also promotes healing by increasing cell activity and oxygen flow to tender muscles.3

Heat Therapy For Back Pain
Heat Therapy For Back Pain


When you’re feeling achy all over try a hot bath, steamy shower, or dry heat sauna.1,3,4 To target specific pain spots at home, reach for a hot water bottle or bean bag.1,3,4 You can even take heat on-the-go with Robax HeatWraps that provide up to 16 hours of heat therapy*. They’re easy to use, discreet and proven to improve mobility.7

Buy Robax HeatWraps to get up to 16 hours of relief.*

*8 hours of relief when you wear it, and up to 8 hours of relief after you take it off.


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